Monday, 26 December 2011


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            I can’t remember where I read that one needs to keep his friends close but his enemies closer-for all I know it may have been in a random bar or poster in a minute town with nothing to write home about-but I totally agree with that. In effect, keeping your enemies closer means you don’t retaliate but behave in a manner that is likely to make them look back and regret whatever they did to you in the first place. They will think long and hard about their actions and if they are sane then they will concede that they were in the wrong. At the end of the day, a truce may be reached.

            What I am trying to put across in so many words is that I am one guy who is never fazed by the presence of enemies. Honestly speaking, I like enemies and I can do anything to add one enemy than one friend. If you didn’t know, then know now that your enemy thinks of you much more than your friend ever will. Well, I am a strange character so don’t take everything on face value but decipher it first. All I am saying is that an enemy is not an entirely bad person to have around you.

            What all essay writers or any other person interested in essays will always tell you is that enemies make you strong and more determined to prove them wrong. According to people in the writing fraternity, enemies kind of spur you on and help you give the best of the best in all you are doing. The list of enemies may include persistent critics who will never say anything good about you or what you are doing. Such people shouldn’t discourage you but motivate you to move on. I apply that in my campus life and it has worked wonders; all students that castigate or speak ill of me in anything and are in my class can never beat me in academic matters.

Class Foe

              As I write this now, I am enemy number one of my engineering class. As much as I would love to defend myself against the entire class, there is no way I can do that, at least in the meantime. Before this sick incident I was just your average and common guy in the street that raised nothing more than an eye brow-more from the cologne I wear than from my looks-and I had no problem with anybody in class. The week before last, our mathematics lecturer came to class and announced that there would be a continuous assessment test (CAT) the following week (last week).
            As typical as university students are, we disagreed with him and asked him to postpone the CAT but he refused to bow to our demands. It was therefore very startling when our class representative (CR) came to class a day after the agreement and told us that the CAT had been scrapped off. We were glad in because none of us likes revising anyway, especially if it is only a CAT to revise for.  I work as an essay writer for a new essay writing service Company in town and before delving fully into the writing orders I was to deal with I decided to give the mathematics lecturer a courtesy call to thank him for postponing the CAT.
            To my surprise, he informed me that the CAT was on and that the CR had lied. When I informed the CR of what the lecturer had told me he got so mad at me, telling me that I had convinced the lecturer to bring the CAT when he had clearly decided to postpone it. I tried defending myself but he didn’t want anything of it. When he went before the class to inform them that the CAT was back on, he categorically pointed at me as being responsible for the CAT being brought back on. That is when I became a class foe, and I must admit it is quite an experience when everybody hates you.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Lie of the Year

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            Out of respect rather anything else, sometimes we allow other people-especially people in authority-to lie to us and get on with it. It happens every time, and somehow we don’t care a fig about it. In most cases in campus, it happens when students are attending lectures or church functions. When for instance a lecturer has been teaching and he wants to give a breather to his students, he will normally give an anecdote of sorts, riddle and comment on the current affairs or give his opinion on something. It is during such times that the lecturer will find an opportunity to lie to his students, but in very rare cases will the students find out.

            This is for the simple reason that the students take whatever the lecturer tells them as the gospel truth and there is always no need to question him or her. The lecturers also know this and they always make the most of this fault on the part of the students. Despite working in an essay writing firm as a part time essay writer, I am a passionate soccer follower and there is very little I don’t know about the major soccer clubs of the world today like Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and so on.

            I was therefore very surprised yesterday when our lecturer blatantly lied to us in class about a game I clearly remember watching in the past. In the alleged game, between the two Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan, the lecturer told us that the game had been a total game of football where the ball hadn’t gone out of the pitch for a corner or throw-in for the entire ninety minutes of the game. I was taken aback because I knew that was a blatant lie. I almost told him my mind but I decided to play along like the rest of my class members. It is the lie of the year if not the century.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Principles are a Precursor to Success

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            There are so many things that are important to the success of a person anywhere in this world, and they suit different people in different parts of the world. One quality however that is a common denominator to all successful people and one that can’t be simply wished away is principle. One definition of principle is that it is a rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior. In other words, principle is what forms the basis of one’s character, wherever he may be. This should be interpreted to mean that a campus student who has a record of disciplinary cases can’t and indeed shouldn’t be considered as a principled person. Principles help anyone everywhere, as they can take you where money can’t.

            In the education sector, the essence of principles as far as success is concerned cannot be overemphasized. A principled student has got higher chances of making it in his exams than one who is not. It is common knowledge that a principled student will have more time to spend on his studies because he will have less time to worry about things that don’t concern him, or better still side issues that are not the main reason that took him to campus in the first place. The reverse is true for students who are not disciplined.

            A principled student will focus on his studies, and many a time he or she will know why he went to campus and what is expected of him. In essence, principles will help him concentrate regardless of whether he is a writer of essays in an essay writing institution of sorts or not. Conversely, a student with no principles will almost always be unaware of the sole reason why he went to the university or to the college and he may not give it his all, not that it matters to him.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Meal Times

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             I am duly informed from reliable sources that in most parts of the world people are used to eating at least three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner (supper). That is a conventional way of doing things and I can’t question it, struggle as I may to do that because that is the way it is and that it the way it forever will be. Nonetheless, that can’t and indeed shouldn’t prevent me from giving a view of how campus students’ meal times differ from the conventional meal times. University students are plain eccentric, for want of a better expression. If you put the things they do into perspective, you will realize it is very hard to believe that they did such things while still upright thinking members of the society.

            When I joined college last year very many things surprised me but perhaps nothing astonished me more as the thing to do with meals. University students eat at any and every time they feel like it. There are very many reasons that can be put forward as to why it happens so, chief of which is that campus students like being different from the masses. It is not unheard of to see students have their typical breakfast as their dinner and vice versa. Some even have breakfast at the time they are supposed to be having their lunch.

            The only group of students that comes close to fitting into the conventional times has to be the group that comprises students who are involved in essay writing service companies as essay writers and what have you. These employed students tend to respect their meal times as they are aware of the strain that may arise when meals come at irregular intervals. The rest of us don’t give a damn when we have our meals, but that we have them all the same.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Figures of Speech

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            In essay writing, you need to show off your language skills. And I don’t mean your Spanish vocabulary or your ability to punctuate properly, I mean your use of the English language in a creative way. When writing college admittance essays, literary essays, or any essay at all, the way you speak is often just as important as how you speak. (Or in this case, write).

            In the real world, people do not speak plainly. We use innuendos, puns, metaphors, and exaggeration to get our point across. Very seldom is what we’re saying actually what we mean. As a teacher, I’ve often called my students a bunch of monkeys. Does that literally mean that they live in trees, seek bananas, and pick nits out of each others’ hair? No, it does not. (At least I hope not). It means that they sometimes drive me crazy. It’s called a metaphor. Get it?

            I’ll break it down. First we’ll tackle metaphors and similes. These are both types of figurative language where two things are compared. Saying, ‘love is like a bird’ is a simile. It is saying that love makes you feel open, peaceful, free, wild, and so on. Saying that the ‘world is a circus’ implies that life/society is adventurous, wild, creative, and full of animals. Using these two figures of speech in your essays will help you convey multiple meanings with just a few words.

            Another example of figurative language is hyperbole. Hyperbole is a fancy word for exaggeration. Extreme exaggeration. When someone says they are hungry enough to eat a horse, I don’t think they actually are hungry enough to find a horse in a nearby field, chop it in two, and ingest it. But the point they’re making is that they’re pretty darn hungry and they need food right away. Using hyperbole in your essay, especially in a satirical or persuasive essay could have a large impact on the reader.

            Understanding what figurative language is and using it are two different things. It will take practice. One way to start is to write down the things that people say in your day-to-day life. You can write down a list of expressions that you use as well. At the end of the day, look at your list. How many of the sentences actually make sense if you read them plainly? How many are actually hinting at other meanings?

            You might be surprised.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Essay Writing (Planning)

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                 So, you’ve picked a topic and you have a plethora of wonderful ideas running through your head. You’ve know the requirements for the assignment, and what your professor is seeking. You’ve even completed research! And the deadline for the essay isn’t for fourteen hours yet.

                But how do you get the essay actually written? You’ve already stalled by baking muffins and cleaning the bathroom because you’re not sure how to organize all your fantastic thoughts.

                There are several ways you can organize your ideas, making the actual essay writing thereby easier. One strategy is to write down every thought and research tidbit you have on a piece of large paper. Then you can circle or number the ideas that appear to go together or are evidence of the same point. These grouped ideas will all go in the same paragraph, and it gives you an idea of what that paragraph is about. Any extra ideas can be expanded on with further thought or research, and repetitive phrases can be eliminated.

                Another organizational strategy, maybe for someone doing a literary analysis, would be a web. You can place character traits or themes in a bubble and attach corresponding points to the appropriate bubble. Then you’ll be able to easily see if you have enough information for a full paragraph, or which one needs more work before you actually start to write.

                For an essay that deals with the comparison of subjects, a Venn Diagram is a useful planning too. It consists of two interlocking circles that have the two subjects listed in each. Information matching each subject is placed in the corresponding circle, and any information that is common between the two is placed in the middle (interlocking) circle. With this strategy, the essay is planned out visually, with each paragraph’s information already sorted.

                Planning and organizing your information before you start writing your essay may seem tedious, but it is a necessary step in the essay writing process. It will make paragraphs clearer and your entire essay more concise. The writing time will be cut down, as you won’t have to be looking for the quote or statistic that you need; it will already be organized in front of you.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

University Lecturers

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            University lecturers are the second most important people in learning institutions apart from the students themselves. They are important because they complete the learning process by imparting knowledge to their students. They need to be respected and taken seriously by their students if the latter are to have a genuine chance or shot at success; after all, the university lecturers have been around the block for long and they have a trick or two up their sleeves that could prove beneficial to the students who are still trying to cut out a niche for themselves in the society.

Some students are in the habit of scorning their university lecturers, most probably because they spite the teaching profession as a whole or because the lecturers don’t match their level of ambition in life. Worse still, the lecturers may be despised because perhaps they appear as though they don’t match the wealth status of such students’ families. In fact, some essay writing students make more money from the essay service companies they work for than their lecturers. Whatever the reason, it is depressing to note that some students look down upon their lecturers. To a lecturer, there is nothing worse than that in the academic world.

            I have personally witnessed my fellow students ignoring what the lecturers say to them during the days when there are riots in campus. Students should take what the lecturers tell them as far as academic studies are concerned as gospel truths because lecturers simply know what is best for their students. If a student has a query of any kind on any subject, the best authority to unravel or solve the question has to be the lecturers. Some students are in the habit of purporting to know more than their lecturers, and they even go ahead and mock their lecturers in the full glare of their fellow class mates. There is a reason why the students are students and the lecturers are lecturers. One should learn from the other, and that can never change.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Lecturer’s Pets

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             There is nothing worse in this world than being part of a family where parents show some form of discrimination towards their children. It makes a child feel out of place in the place that he or she should never feel out of place. It is a bad trend because when a kid develops with such a mental picture in his mind, it is very hard to convince him that there is a place in the world where there is no discrimination. In any case, who can blame him? After all, the only place where he was to get the best of treatment is his home; where he was discriminated upon by his parents for one reason or another.

            In a campus situation, the discrimination that can make one feel like puking and pissing at the same time is the kind of discrimination or favoritism that a lecturer can show to his students. It hurts if your tutor shows indifference to some of his students for whatever reason. It is an action that doesn’t add any positive emotions and must be castigated in the strongest possible terms. It is wrong out and out and it impacts worse to the life of a student than failing an exam could ever impart. I remember being told apart by my lecturer because I used to work as an essay writer and I was apparently wealthy. I tried getting to the gist of the matter with him but I realized I could never be the lecturer’s pet.

            When all this was going on, I realized that there were a few guys and ladies who used to pass all the exams that this given lecturer used to give even though they never used to show up in most of his classes. I learnt later that they used to work for the lecturer, even going as far as marking some of the essays that the lecturer gave us as assignments.  They were pets indeed.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I would be a professional essay writer if I got a chance to

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When I was growing up, I had my own aspirations which I wanted to see come true one day. Of course I didn’t have someone to tell me that there are always many bumps on the way and I at no time ever thought that I will not make it as a pilot. We all understand how it is with every child. They want to be engineers, doctors, pilots and if they have a liking for their school teacher, they will then tell you they want to be a teacher. This was my case then and I still remember how passionate I was about becoming a pilot. Well, you understand that it was not that I knew anything about piloting nor had I any idea how tough a job this can be but I longed to be above the ground watching everything else developing under my nose.

I will however be honest with you that I never became a pilot and the only time I came near the understanding of this job is when I wrote an essay on the aviation industry. I have written many essays since then but of them all, I found this one to be a little bit interest owing to a number of reasons. To begin with, it is something that I only had a passion for as a young boy and I never followed it up when I was growing up. It is therefore something that I had to do a thorough research on if I was to produce a sensible essay that would be helpful to someone else.

I have over the years come to appreciate the place essay writing holds in the overall life especially when one wants to understand things about life. I first of all came to understand this when I was in my second year in college. I was supposed to write a few essays on religion and the effects it has on people especially in Cuba. I didn’t realize that this will be a great opportunity for me to understand things to do with socialism and the politics of this country. Is fact if I were to be a child again, I think I will be willing to be a professional in essay writing and offer my skills in this area.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Making my essay submissions on time

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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Surviving in a demanding College environment

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Monday, 29 August 2011

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Thursday, 18 August 2011 review can help

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Dissertation writing on demand

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

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Pretty soon Baseball was consuming most of my time.  This was during the season of course but nevertheless by the time I realized it I was way behind on my course work.  One of team mates was having similar time issues but seemed to at least not be delinquent in his essay submissions.  I asked him how he did it and he told me that he used some essay writers to do some of his assignments for him.

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Friday, 8 July 2011

How an Essay writer saved my bacon

Let’s face it I am like many other guys of my age, a would-be Jock.  I played football at High school as a tackle, a block and sometimes a blindsider.  That means I am quite big and tough and not overly averse to some pain.  But this does not mean I am dumb, although I acted pretty dumb recently.

Nope, I got good enough grades to get into college on an academic program, but, of course, I tried out for the team and on the strength of that was invited to a Fraternity.    Well, I am sure you are aware of life in a Fraternity. Book work plays second fiddle and soon I was practicing hard for the team, partying hard in the frat house and every now and then going to a class or two.

This went on for the first few months, skipping classes here and there, not paying that much attention to the course work when I got a wakeup call.  One of my Professors called me in and warned me that I was delinquent on 2 Essays and was getting poor grades generally so I had better wake up or face suspension.

“Strike 2” was how he put it.   Well as I said I am not dumb.  I realized that hanging around the frat house was bad news, so all my time was spent in the library.  But I was too far behind.  There was no way I could avoid “Strike 3” and disaster was looming. Then I heard about the Unique Essay writing service.  These guys got me out of severe trouble.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Self Regulated learning

This term according to custom papers and essays is defined as the process where a person is able to regulate himself or herself using some standard on the extent he has to go while learning. Butler and wine in their essays have said that self regulated learning involves monitoring oneself, planning ones work so as to achieve a specific goal within a given time frame. This way a student is able to evaluate his progress and at the same gaining the required motivation to learn.
Papers from essay writing services by Dweck have shown that students who practice self regulated learning believe that success or failure on a certain subject is caused by certain factors and at the same time they are very conscious about their strengths and weaknesses.
They are also known to believe that certain levels of increased efforts will enhance increased intelligence in the same proportion contrary to beliefs of fixed kind of intelligence. Dweck in his essay believes that these students have the knowledge that certain factors that have either caused the success or failure of their goals are within their control and this is what makes this kind of learning very successful and efficient.
Essay writing services which have concentrated on the ways of improving self regulated learning and the techniques of implementation have been known to be quite expensive due to the demand of knowledge on this topic.
Perry in his custom papers has concluded that students practicing this kind of learning believe that continued application of efforts will lead to their academic success and this is mostly the reason why self regulated learning students display so much self efficacy .This has also been seen to follow them beyond school.
There are many ways of having self regulated learning and can include from a social cognitive perspective, student performance perspective and many others according to educationists who do much essay writing.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Essay Writers

Writing an essay is not a very tough job for some people. But most of the people find it a task to do. It is extremely important to have a good skill to write, if you want to flourish in your academic life. In fact, academics is not the only area in which you can excel, if you are a good writer. You can even excel in your professional career.
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Most of the times the essay writing service offer customer service which means you can directly interact with the writer of your essay. This makes sure that your essay is being written exactly the way you want it to be written. Any essay writing service guarantee you the delivery of your order to be done at the right time, as you have mentioned it.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Essay Writing Made Easy

Writing is of utmost importance in student and academic life. It is even important to be a good writer if you want to flourish your professional career. But as for students, writing is something like bread and butter. They get to write a lot every day, lecture notes, course work, essays term papers, thesis and in the end of their academic life, they have to write good resumes. All these types of writings need professional writing skills. And to be a good writer you must polish these skills.

Having read that, you must’ve understood the importance of writing by now. Of all these types of writings that I mentioned above, essay writing is of real importance to students. It is not only because the ample amount of assignments one get during student life, but because it is a good way of expressing the inner feelings of the writer, an important skill for a good life.
 Let us have a look at how can you write a good essay. There are many types of essays: like persuasive essays and critical essays. Each type has its own style. Now let me tell you the style of essay writing. An essay consists of three parts:
  1. 1.      The introduction
  2. 2.      The body
  3. 3.      And the conclusion.

In the introduction, you write down the problem. And give a little introduction to what are you going to write about. It doesn’t, however, include any type of examples or explanations.
Then comes the body. In the body, you have to mention everything from examples to facts and explanations to support your idea or the description of your topic.  The way you organize it is that you start a paragraph with a good topic sentence. Then you start to explain the idea of the paragraph. Give an example and relate it with the idea. Then summarize the whole thing mentioned in the paragraph as the last sentence of the paragraph.
In the end, you have to conclude the whole idea. Write down a short summary as the conclusion. This gives the reader a good impression.