Monday, 29 August 2011

Don’t drop out because you miss your assignments.

I have just flunked out of school, I can make no excuses for doing so, I was having too much fun and not paying attention to the school work.   Listening to our parents and some of the older generation it is a wonder that they managed to get through…  after all they were here in the time of flower power, free love and Timothy Leary pushing LSDl.
But these days it is even worse.  These days there are so many distractions from college work that are hard to resist.  And the frat parties and the free flow of booze, and the girls and one forgets that one is here to learn.
So we attend classes, well not always the early morning lectures, but I did get to most of my classes, and we take note and try and understand what was said.  Then go to the library after class to read some of the set work. But I forgot to pay attention to the set essay submission schedule.  Yes. It is not enough to attend the classes, the professors also want to see that you are absorbing the stuff by testing you by written assignments.  This was where I erred.
I missed a few and the couple I submitted were sub-standard.  And so I flunked out.  But I didn’t need to.  If only I had paid attention and gone to an essay writing service.
They are this great service of professional essay writers. They could have written my assignments for me.  These essays would have been original and unique. Created for the titles and using the set works I gave them.
So DON’T be like me and flunk out because you are missing your written assignments.  Contact a custom essay writing service that will compose custom essays for you when you need them.

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