Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Job Hunt

            I have so many hobbies in life, ranging from essay writing-though my essays are basically for personal reading, playing football, making friends and swimming. What I like most of the four is making friends. That shouldn’t be interpreted to mean I make every Tom, Dick and Harry my friend but rather that I cherish friends. I love friends very much, because I know friends can take you where money can’t. I recently graduated from campus and to my advantage got a well-paying job shortly after graduation. What aided me to get a job that fast was the friendship I had with people during my time in campus.
            Whenever people tell me of their job hunt stories and how laborious it is to land a job I always smile inwardly because I take that with a pinch of salt. As somebody else would put it, I take a dim view of people who take long without landing a job. The secret to getting a job-and I wish all campus students knew this-is forging the right friendships while in campus. One could befriend the older students in his faculty or discipline of study or better still choose to make friends with his or her lecturers.
            This is not in any way a guarantee of a job but rather a means to ensuring you don’t stay long without a job. The main friendships that campus students should never forget to have is that of the people in the corporate world, more so of those in their line of study. Such friendships are made during internships or through forums that relate to the careers the students could be pursuing. There are so many ways students can ensure their job hunt isn’t as tasking as it always is but making friends in the right places certainly ranks high among the ways.

I Call it Over loving

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            When I was younger I couldn’t believe somebody could be accused of over-loving something or somebody but I now know better. It is true that the greatest gift somebody can ever give you in this world is love. If somebody loves you genuinely and he can do anything for you then that should mean more to you than any gift the person can ever give you. I knew that when I joined campus three years ago. I had a friend called Paul-he was a very good essay writer-who had a very pretty girlfriend who also happened to be good in writing essays.

            I had seen many couples in love, (beginning from my parents of course) but this was a new ball game altogether. Paul and his girlfriend were madly in love and everybody in campus knew they were destined to be. Anybody interested in going out with any member of the hallowed couple always padded his or her hooves once he saw how much pain he would cause to the happiest couple in the world as they were roundly called. Everybody saw the couple as the epitome and quintessence of what a couple in love should be like. When they left campus at the end of their academic lives, everyone was disappointed.

            The next couple to be labeled the couple of the campus turned to be a perfect example of what over loving is all about. The lady loved the dude very much but the guy was not into her. In other words, the lady was in love alone. If you didn’t know then know today that there is no worse feeling in the world than knowing that all along you have been in love alone. When the lady realized that she had been over loving the dude and he had been going along with her while offering nothing of note in return, she was very disappointed and decided to end her life. Over loving somebody is risky.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Make Your Priorities Right

Before I joined campus I was a hardworking essay writer. I used to submit essays to an online company that would pay me well per article. They also used to give me bonuses periodically. When I joined campus I was determined to enhance my skills and become a well known writer in the university. My wish was to revive the school magazine which for some years had faded out. One day I met one guy in the library, in the writers section, looking at the old school magazines and journals. He exclaimed, ‘I feel that it’s not right that this magazine no longer prints, if I got support I would do something about the situation!’ For a moment, I was quiet then I answered him that it was a good idea to revive the school gazette. Then I told him am a writer and I would love to reinstate it together if he didn’t mind.
His father was a multi-millionaire, the proprietor of the leading magazine in the state. And he said that his father would be very much willing to assist until the magazine starts selling and become partners. Somehow I forgot about my core business in the university and concentrated on the magazine business. The magazine picked and by the second year of study it was up and selling. Unfortunately I got rusticated because of consistent fails in my exams although everyone congratulated us for the good work. My partner in the magazine also met the same fate of rustication.
He had promised me that despite the misfortune, his father would most certainly secure a job vacancy in his thriving firm. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about. When we left college, he told me that immediately he talked to his father he would give me a call. I knew that my dream of becoming a famous essay writer was over after waiting for a whole two months for a single call of good news. His number was also disconnected. I am ever since trying to get myself back to college.

A Path to Success

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Everyone thinks that success is passing exams, getting straight As or even becoming the top in the class. Success is that feeling of satisfaction or joy when you sit back, look at the results of your work, admire it and say, wow! This is great. It is all about doing an excellent work, doing your best. They say work to excel and success will chase you pants down. The path that leads to success in right here with us, only we don’t realize. It is only taking in what one want in this life and going for it with all your body and soul. This means you work tirelessly to overcome the challenges that come your way, including discouragement from those around you. One should only be concerned about fulfilling the heart’s desire.

Life is fair or unfair equally to all beings; clergy men, business people, politicians, students and their professors, the only different being time or the phase of life they are in. You don’t have to be a chief executive officer of a company to believe you are successful, you don’t have to be a celebrity either, and you only need to be enthusiastic and an opportunist. Have you ever watched a flock of sheep match to the fields and in a line?

If you put a cross bar (one that you can actually jump across) in front of the first sheep in the line if the first five jump it then you remove the bar, all the others will still be jumping as if the bar is still intact. That the spirit of failure, doing things foolishly. If for example you read an essay an organized writer not necessarily someone who has been in essay writing for long, you will notice the difference from if you read them from a disorganized writer. An essay, for example will be used to depict what kind of a writer one is and so is any other work. Success is all about being organized.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Over Confidence

            Confidence is a good virtue but the moment as student is overconfident, things start crumbling. They say too much of anything is poisonous. Too much of drinking,  over preparing for exams, too many friends, too much sleeping, basically overdoing doing everything is just clearly poisonous. Sometimes a student clearly knows he has not prepared for an exam for a reason or two and instead of perusing the book for the little tie they have they just walk into an exam room feeling like they have all the answers only to get there and start looking at their friends hoping answers were written on their faces.
            Students do not only express overconfidence in their exams alone  but also their daily class lessons, whereby a student feels like they know it all, for example about a certain assignment on an essay. Instead of researching and seeking help from the essay writing service offers they go ahead and write a lot of nonsense. By the time their results are out they get shocked and get to wonder what really happened.
Success does not just come from nowhere; it is earned with a lot of hard work and determination. An empty brain however confident it could be always empties nothing. Other students read too much than it is required and by the time they sit for an exam they end up giving details that were not even required after all or even writing vague material and as much as they had a point a lecturer gets tired of searching for it. Therefore students should avoid this vice of overconfidence because at the end of the day it costs them dearly by attaining poor grades, getting very disappointed upon the release of their results which may also lower their self esteem. Therefore working hard and facing it with courage is important.


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             We all know that when we really want to be serious with what really concerns us there always distractions that always come up to derail us. It is at this point that discipline matters and one has to stick to their goals despite the type of distractions that come on the way. In colleges there are all types of distractions one could ever imagine of. Every student in the world will bear me witness that, the last week to exams when there is plenty and plenty of stuff to do there always comes up thing to derail an individual from their original plan of reading all the course content covered that semester and writing the best essays ever written by any student.

            The common type of distraction that students come across and should avoid them by all means include over preparing for the exams as we all know that too much of anything is poisonous therefore enough revision is good to go. Useless group work sessions that only waste time in the name of discussing challenging academics and brainstorming on good essay writing tips. Social media site that is face book, twitter and you tube have as well become top on the list of distracters. Some students are addicts of the sites barely log out form the site despite the exams beckoning. Movies are another catch for most students as well as partying and drinking, a thing most students turn to when they are nervous and they really need to cool their nerves. Girls and chit has proved to be inseparable for ages now, it really costs them time and sometimes the friendship itself. For sure distractions are many and of different types, but we all have control over everything in our lives and the answer lies in our arms.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Failing In Class

          Every student is a witness that sometimes we spend a lot of time in the library turning volumes of books, sacrifice our sleep to read the class notes, form discussion groups in order to handle the challenging class work, read thoroughly for continuous assessments and final exams, write the best essays all in the effort to attain good grades at the end of it all. Good grades are however not the results sometimes we get shocking marks and one cannot help thinking that the teacher was biased or just did not mark the paper correctly. Poor results are very disappointing, they kills a student’s morale. However just like all days are not Fridays sometimes we fail exams amid the effort put into it. Students are forced to sit for supplementary papers or re do the exams again.
            Every student should bear it in mind that there has been several students who have been through the same scenario but walked out to fit stronger. All a student needs to do is to find out how the fail or the poor marks will affect their final grade and do anything possible to counter the poor grades. Every student should believe in themselves and go for greater heights.
            By going back to the drawing board and try to spot where the mistake came in. It could be that they didn’t read the questions carefully or give the answers correctly. Probably their essays were not good enough to scoop the required marks. After identifying the problems they should do all I their potential to avoid failing again. Bother their professors with questions to make sure they get the subject content clearly, choose the group discussion members wisely and ensure that they benefit from them significantly. Failing is part of as student life but failing again is not allowed in academics.

College Degree

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           At a young age every young child is advised to study hard and make it to the university. All through the kindergarten to junior school then to high school the same music is sang to our ears. Even the most prominent people and professors all started with a college degree and then furthered their studies to be who they are. Society has learnt the importance of educated people in the society because they act as agents of change to the society. It is through a lot of hard work that a college degree is obtained. Early mornings, dedication to books, sacrifice, a lot of laboratory work, pages of reports, essays, frequent exams and assessments, other college challenges especially financial where students sacrifice their own time to offer writing services and so much more are what it entails to be called a graduate.

            A college degree is of great benefits to an individual, academically in that they are in better position in the academics, personally, socially, financially, intellectually etc. A degree holder is always marketable compared to a certificate holder therefore they are accepted in the market pretty fast. Opportunities for the graduates are many since most employers will always go for people with good papers. It is out of the demand in the market that they secure themselves good job and consequently a good reward of their hard through good salaries. They therefore lead an admirable life. They also have an upper hand whenever they want to further their studies. A college degree gives an individual some sense of pride and a lot of self confidence

            Therefore, hard work eventually pays and enables individuals to live their admired lives. We are different and sometimes it takes some people more time to pursue their dreams but with dedication and persistence it is achievable.