Wednesday, 2 November 2011

University Lecturers

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            University lecturers are the second most important people in learning institutions apart from the students themselves. They are important because they complete the learning process by imparting knowledge to their students. They need to be respected and taken seriously by their students if the latter are to have a genuine chance or shot at success; after all, the university lecturers have been around the block for long and they have a trick or two up their sleeves that could prove beneficial to the students who are still trying to cut out a niche for themselves in the society.

Some students are in the habit of scorning their university lecturers, most probably because they spite the teaching profession as a whole or because the lecturers don’t match their level of ambition in life. Worse still, the lecturers may be despised because perhaps they appear as though they don’t match the wealth status of such students’ families. In fact, some essay writing students make more money from the essay service companies they work for than their lecturers. Whatever the reason, it is depressing to note that some students look down upon their lecturers. To a lecturer, there is nothing worse than that in the academic world.

            I have personally witnessed my fellow students ignoring what the lecturers say to them during the days when there are riots in campus. Students should take what the lecturers tell them as far as academic studies are concerned as gospel truths because lecturers simply know what is best for their students. If a student has a query of any kind on any subject, the best authority to unravel or solve the question has to be the lecturers. Some students are in the habit of purporting to know more than their lecturers, and they even go ahead and mock their lecturers in the full glare of their fellow class mates. There is a reason why the students are students and the lecturers are lecturers. One should learn from the other, and that can never change.

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