Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Meal Times

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             I am duly informed from reliable sources that in most parts of the world people are used to eating at least three times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner (supper). That is a conventional way of doing things and I can’t question it, struggle as I may to do that because that is the way it is and that it the way it forever will be. Nonetheless, that can’t and indeed shouldn’t prevent me from giving a view of how campus students’ meal times differ from the conventional meal times. University students are plain eccentric, for want of a better expression. If you put the things they do into perspective, you will realize it is very hard to believe that they did such things while still upright thinking members of the society.

            When I joined college last year very many things surprised me but perhaps nothing astonished me more as the thing to do with meals. University students eat at any and every time they feel like it. There are very many reasons that can be put forward as to why it happens so, chief of which is that campus students like being different from the masses. It is not unheard of to see students have their typical breakfast as their dinner and vice versa. Some even have breakfast at the time they are supposed to be having their lunch.

            The only group of students that comes close to fitting into the conventional times has to be the group that comprises students who are involved in essay writing service companies as essay writers and what have you. These employed students tend to respect their meal times as they are aware of the strain that may arise when meals come at irregular intervals. The rest of us don’t give a damn when we have our meals, but that we have them all the same.

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