Friday, 28 October 2011

Lecturer’s Pets

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             There is nothing worse in this world than being part of a family where parents show some form of discrimination towards their children. It makes a child feel out of place in the place that he or she should never feel out of place. It is a bad trend because when a kid develops with such a mental picture in his mind, it is very hard to convince him that there is a place in the world where there is no discrimination. In any case, who can blame him? After all, the only place where he was to get the best of treatment is his home; where he was discriminated upon by his parents for one reason or another.

            In a campus situation, the discrimination that can make one feel like puking and pissing at the same time is the kind of discrimination or favoritism that a lecturer can show to his students. It hurts if your tutor shows indifference to some of his students for whatever reason. It is an action that doesn’t add any positive emotions and must be castigated in the strongest possible terms. It is wrong out and out and it impacts worse to the life of a student than failing an exam could ever impart. I remember being told apart by my lecturer because I used to work as an essay writer and I was apparently wealthy. I tried getting to the gist of the matter with him but I realized I could never be the lecturer’s pet.

            When all this was going on, I realized that there were a few guys and ladies who used to pass all the exams that this given lecturer used to give even though they never used to show up in most of his classes. I learnt later that they used to work for the lecturer, even going as far as marking some of the essays that the lecturer gave us as assignments.  They were pets indeed.

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