Monday, 26 December 2011

Class Foe

              As I write this now, I am enemy number one of my engineering class. As much as I would love to defend myself against the entire class, there is no way I can do that, at least in the meantime. Before this sick incident I was just your average and common guy in the street that raised nothing more than an eye brow-more from the cologne I wear than from my looks-and I had no problem with anybody in class. The week before last, our mathematics lecturer came to class and announced that there would be a continuous assessment test (CAT) the following week (last week).
            As typical as university students are, we disagreed with him and asked him to postpone the CAT but he refused to bow to our demands. It was therefore very startling when our class representative (CR) came to class a day after the agreement and told us that the CAT had been scrapped off. We were glad in because none of us likes revising anyway, especially if it is only a CAT to revise for.  I work as an essay writer for a new essay writing service Company in town and before delving fully into the writing orders I was to deal with I decided to give the mathematics lecturer a courtesy call to thank him for postponing the CAT.
            To my surprise, he informed me that the CAT was on and that the CR had lied. When I informed the CR of what the lecturer had told me he got so mad at me, telling me that I had convinced the lecturer to bring the CAT when he had clearly decided to postpone it. I tried defending myself but he didn’t want anything of it. When he went before the class to inform them that the CAT was back on, he categorically pointed at me as being responsible for the CAT being brought back on. That is when I became a class foe, and I must admit it is quite an experience when everybody hates you.

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