Monday, 12 December 2011

Lie of the Year

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            Out of respect rather anything else, sometimes we allow other people-especially people in authority-to lie to us and get on with it. It happens every time, and somehow we don’t care a fig about it. In most cases in campus, it happens when students are attending lectures or church functions. When for instance a lecturer has been teaching and he wants to give a breather to his students, he will normally give an anecdote of sorts, riddle and comment on the current affairs or give his opinion on something. It is during such times that the lecturer will find an opportunity to lie to his students, but in very rare cases will the students find out.

            This is for the simple reason that the students take whatever the lecturer tells them as the gospel truth and there is always no need to question him or her. The lecturers also know this and they always make the most of this fault on the part of the students. Despite working in an essay writing firm as a part time essay writer, I am a passionate soccer follower and there is very little I don’t know about the major soccer clubs of the world today like Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and so on.

            I was therefore very surprised yesterday when our lecturer blatantly lied to us in class about a game I clearly remember watching in the past. In the alleged game, between the two Italian giants AC Milan and Inter Milan, the lecturer told us that the game had been a total game of football where the ball hadn’t gone out of the pitch for a corner or throw-in for the entire ninety minutes of the game. I was taken aback because I knew that was a blatant lie. I almost told him my mind but I decided to play along like the rest of my class members. It is the lie of the year if not the century.

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