Friday, 2 December 2011

Principles are a Precursor to Success

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            There are so many things that are important to the success of a person anywhere in this world, and they suit different people in different parts of the world. One quality however that is a common denominator to all successful people and one that can’t be simply wished away is principle. One definition of principle is that it is a rule or belief governing one’s personal behavior. In other words, principle is what forms the basis of one’s character, wherever he may be. This should be interpreted to mean that a campus student who has a record of disciplinary cases can’t and indeed shouldn’t be considered as a principled person. Principles help anyone everywhere, as they can take you where money can’t.

            In the education sector, the essence of principles as far as success is concerned cannot be overemphasized. A principled student has got higher chances of making it in his exams than one who is not. It is common knowledge that a principled student will have more time to spend on his studies because he will have less time to worry about things that don’t concern him, or better still side issues that are not the main reason that took him to campus in the first place. The reverse is true for students who are not disciplined.

            A principled student will focus on his studies, and many a time he or she will know why he went to campus and what is expected of him. In essence, principles will help him concentrate regardless of whether he is a writer of essays in an essay writing institution of sorts or not. Conversely, a student with no principles will almost always be unaware of the sole reason why he went to the university or to the college and he may not give it his all, not that it matters to him.

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