Monday, 24 December 2012

College Relationships tips

          One of the things that I have always come to realize in my life is that human beings are social beings-or animals, depending on your understanding of it-and I must say that engaging in relationships is part and parcel of that. It may not be a big issue per se, but you have to concur with me that it is never an easy thing to come to terms with the fact that there is more to life than books and classes.
            There is the social aspect of a campus life as well, and if you didn't know then be made aware that it is a crucial part of development as well. If it is not handled well from the onset it may not be able to be dealt with later on in life and it may cause chaos and what have you. It is for that reason that I feel somehow that it is important for all and sundry to think straight before a deal can be struck between a lady and a guy with the intention to date and what have you.
            There are very many tips that can be said by people who are more qualified than I am in these matters, but the underlying statement is that life must always go on when all is said and done. When things aren’t rosy and people have differed it is always important for the two lovebirds to meet and clear the differences in a sober manner as soon as is practically possible. I really mean that. True love should always be the supreme guide though. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

College First-Aid kit

Parents develop an internal anxiety as they prepare their children to go off to college. They imagine ailments which their children might develop when they are so far away from home. College is an environment that brings with it various accident prone issues. The students take part in unhealthy activities such as alcohol at parties, drug sniffing and others. Parents should focus on giving their children the most important lesson of all before they leave for campus. This parental tutorial is called wisdom. They should provide their children with advice on how to take care of themselves and take responsibility over their lives. This includes physical, mental, psychological and other aspects.
The most important thing a parent should pack in their children’s first aid kit beyond the usual painkillers and antacids is their healthcare insurance card. They should also ensure that they teach their children on how to use the card when in need. This is because students end up facing a list of complex rules from their insurance firms when they need to fill out medical and prescription forms. The students and their parents should also research on the medical facilities found near the university incase of emergencies. They should also be informed on the universities contact protocol to the parents once their child is taken ill. Campuses have also set up their own internal medical facilities where the students can receive basic healthcare. This helps them to avoid buying over the counter drugs before they visit a specialist who can diagnose their problem beforehand.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Handling Long Distance Relationships

One of the worst things that have ever happened to me is having a long distance relationship when I didn’t know how to handle it. I joined campus three years ago at a time when I was dating a very beautiful young lady from my home area. I had met and fallen in love with her in the summer immediately after my high school education and we had promised to be with each other for life.
            Unfortunately for us we were selected to join different colleges and as you would expect that wasn’t a very nice thing for our young relationship. We tried keeping in touch through phone calls and visiting each other once in a while but at the end of the day it was mutually decided that things weren’t working out and we had to sadly part ways. It was then that I decided that long distance relationships weren’t things for me, as much as it is something that had been hyped and spoken of by people in glowing terms.
            Having said that it has however not escaped my sharp mind that long distance relationships actually work in some instances, but the fact of the matter is that they have to be handled with care and that will never change. There must be concerted effort on the part of both parties if it so happens that the relationship has to work. There are really no two ways about it, and that may never change. Total focus and commitment and focus to the relationship must be applied by both lovers if it has to work. 

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tips for your spanish essay writing

Besides the difference in language, Spanish essays are similar to English essays. That is in regards to their structure, components and organization. The beauty of a Spanish essay lies in the language used. Therefore, it is easier to improve your Spanish language skills when writing it.

So how do you write a remarkable Spanish Essay? Initially, organize your thoughts. This is the simplest way to starting-off a Spanish essay. Just create an outline, with all your thoughts and ideas, and voila! Furthermore, select a style for your essay – if faced with an option that is.

Come up with the first draft of your essay. After organizing and structuring all your ideas, it becomes even much simpler to clearly write an essay draft. However, it is imperative that you ensure your essay has all the components (five paragraphs) in place.

Once that is done, print the draft then go through it loudly. The reason for doing this is to make certain that all your sentences are well-written. Spanish, unlike the English language, has longer sentences – which are more indirect and flowery. Thus choose better word choices, to replace any long sentences, using a Spanish-English dictionary.

Correct any grammatical errors as well as spellings. The Spanish language has a good number of special words with accents. Now that poses as a big challenge. If not thoroughly observed and corrected when necessary, words with accents can really affect a student’s grade.

Resolve any sentence structure issues. To easily pull this off, use a Spanish grammar book. Not only will it ease up your work, but you will also learn that the most difficult grammatical element – for many Spanish language students – is the subjunctive form of structuring a Spanish sentence. Thereafter, write your final draft. And get a native to proofread your essay.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips for Getting Student Loans

Paying for college is not a walk in the park. Ask any college student. Scholarships, grants and savings – to many – do not necessarily cover all your costs. And working, for long hours, does not help either as it will just hurt your grades. That is when student loans come in handy. But how exactly do you get a fair deal when shopping for a loan?

It is prudent to first start with the safest loans. And nothing could scream better than federal loans. Start there. Here is why; with federal loans you are guaranteed of a borrower protection – it helps when you have financial problems. Or better still, if you are currently unemployed.

The beauty with federal loans is that their interest rates do not change with time. Also, they are not in any way affected by your credit rating. How suitable is that! Within the federal loans they are subsidized and unsubsidized loans, which are both affordable and convenient. Choose wisely.

There are also private student loans. These are a lot riskier than the aforementioned loans, as they do not have borrower protections. Be aware, the loans are said to have rates, which are small but grow bigger with time. Their interest’s costs can also surpass whatever you borrowed earlier.

Another important tip is to shop around for loans. Your school might recommend that you borrow from a preferred lender. Try to find out reasons for doing so. Get to understand the lender’s full terms and conditions – of what they have to offer prior to making any commitments.

Find out what are the lenders discount options. Will the options remain in place even after the loan is sold out to another company? Such questions are crucial. Private loans can prove hard and tricky to compare. As the real terms of the loan are not made visible until you have signed for it. They are hidden in print. Be wise.

Friday, 30 March 2012


            I am a very busy campus student who never seems to have enough of sleep. When I was in high school, I used to look forward to the time when I would be able to relax: when I joined campus. In my estimation at the time I used to think that in campus there is no pressure as it was in high school. In my book campus was the place where students had fun and there was no struggle at all for anything. When I joined campus I however realized that the opposite was in effect true. Getting tired and what have you was even more pronounced than I thought.
            I was appointed to be the class representative-CR in short-of my class and what this meant was that I turned out to be the busiest student in my class. I was forced to do things to do with ensuring my class was attending classes on time, informing all my classmates whenever the lecturers communicated to me that they won’t be making it to class at certain times and so on. At the start of my second semester in campus I landed a job as an essay writer in an essay writing firm right in the town where my campus was situated.
            What I didn’t know at the time was that my life had just been turned into a living hell. There was so much I had to do as regards to juggling between my classwork responsibilities and the writing part-time job I had been given. I used to get to my room at about midnight every day and it was tiring to say the least. By the end of six months I was all in and I basically couldn’t take it anymore. I quit my duty as a CR but I still felt tired at the end of the day. I guess getting tired is part and parcel of campus life.

Necessary Lies

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            I don’t know if you have ever made this startling discovery that some things are not always what they seem to be. A very good example is what children are often told by their parents when the children want to know where their youngest sibling-most likely the one who has just been born-has come from. Most parents, or at least my parents, tell their kids that the babies that in truth have just been born have been bought or something as random as that. Of course in most cases the kids always find out by themselves as they grow older the true state of the matter, but at that tender age it was necessary that the parents lie.

            In campus, there are also very many instances when lies are necessary. It is not part of my business to convince you that you need to lie because some lies are necessary; on the converse, my task is just to inform you that there is indeed something called necessary lies, and that may never change. At the beginning of last week I found myself in a situation where I had to lie in order that my life is spared. I was walking back to campus at about eleven in the night from the essay writing firm where I work as a lead essay editor when I was suddenly lifted by two ruffians from behind. 

            They demanded money from me but I didn’t have any money on me at the time. I only had my ATM card; they couldn’t let me go without receiving money from me. I convinced them to walk with me up and until the campus premises where there was an ATM machine. Against their better judgment they consented to my suggestion, not knowing that I had lied to them so that I could save my skin. When we got to campus I knew they would be a security officer at the ATM machine; he arrested them. Some lies are indeed necessary.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


            We all adore our friends, appreciate them and treasure them too. Friends are amazing, they make life worthwhile. They offer a shoulder to lean on; they wipe our tears and comfort us when we are down. Friends help each other in everything, including achieving their goals and dreams in life. They form good essay writing group members, write the best essays, challenge each other academically and we would name it till morning. I like thinking of the other side of the coin especially after seeing it happen in colleges. Betrayal among friends is not a new thing in society; it has been there before our grandparents’ times. We all have to accept it happens after sunrise and after sunset. It is painful to be betrayed by your close friend. Your friend turns out to be your enemy.  They are supposed to be family and now they turn out to be snakes in the closet.
            It is very disappointing and at first one wonders what to do. The questions, do I hate her, revenge, call her all sorts of names or anything keep crossing your mind. These are the person you hugged and appreciated through a text message or sent them a box of chocolate yesterday and here they are turning their backs on you.
            How do you handle this situation? The first step is to relax and allow things to cool down .Avoid acting on impulse and make things worse. Then approach them like a gentle lady and enquire why they did whatever they did and don’t be tempted to exchange bad words and petty fights. The world will not know who the fool is at that point. We are all human and we must be at loggerheads once in a while .Weigh it out and avoid being biased and make sound judgment.


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            There are so many words and phrases that have been used to describe people; arrogant, ignorant, egocentric, proud, you name it. A lot of us will call this a personality or a character, but I strongly believe it all come in a name of an attitude that develops from personal feelings and perception. Attitude has been believed to be a very essential and crucial trait to have. A negative assertiveness brings forth nothing but misfortunes and disconnections amongst the people. I don’t believe in communism but, never has and never will. I have confidence in doing my stuff individually; struggle alone and enjoy the success alone.

            As an essay writer, however, I have learnt that it’s important to strip down the ego and the perception of life because I have realized that compromise is the best thing to possess. This includes accepting oneself for who you are, your weaknesses, and appreciate others for their strengths and mutually embrace each other. Essay writing involves diversity and it goes without saying that you need one another to make a difference. The only place where you find vast diversity is in the universities. How many of you agree with the statement, ‘monotony results to boredom’? The target readers need a variety of topics to read from. The writer as well will acquire popularity according to their diversity in their topics.

            Students on the same consideration need each other in their studies. I am in a group of six in the class of civil engineering. We come from different regions and cultures and again we were all the best students in the respective high schools. It’s ok if everyone chose to be on their own and do personal studies, but we have kept our history away and pooled our efforts together. I must say with the compromises we have made, we really can talk much about it.

Monday, 19 March 2012

It’s A New Semester

            It’s back to school time, and we are full of anxiety of how the new semester will turn out to be. Your mind cannot just forget how the holidays were and all the fun we had with friends and relatives. This change of the mind set from the relaxation and the social life to academics that is all the assignments, essay writing, report writing, the early morning classes, to moving into new apartments and dormitories can be a whole lot of issues and keeping it on track and the brain in gear five from day one to closing day require a lot of proper planning and strategy.
            Every student needs to settle down as soon as possible. Settle into the new dormitories and apartments first so that you have your space and feel like it’s your new home. You definitely have to start from somewhere to sort out the chaos. Unpacking is really overwhelming and there is lots of fun it. Decorate your room until you have a bond with it, to say the least it’s your new home far from home and you have no choice but to appreciate it.
            After settling down, it is only wise to go and socialize than sit down and give room for homesick to wear you down. Campuses have activities early in the semester to bring the students mind back to college. There are extracurricular activities, campus parties, drinking with friends, house parties and a lot more events where people meet up and make new friends. This is the time to have lots of fun before serious studying jets in and there will be limited time to engage in all one would wish to.
            After the dust has settles down, it’s now time to be serious. The college norm of classes, assignments, essay writing, continuous assessments, quizzes and all there is in academics begins and the main reason of being in schools comes out clearly.

IQ Tests

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            I remember when I joined campus my buddies were very keen on taking their intelligence quotient tests, commonly called IQ tests. I don’t know what pleasure they derived in that, but I think it was more prestigious to be considered more intelligent than the rest of the lot. As time has ebbed away though and I have the luxury of having campus experience, I have realized that the results of the IQ tests matter very little when it comes to success in life. One-most likely students who work in essay writing firms as writers or editors of essays-may call me the joke of the joker, the pun of the punster for saying this but I am cock sure of it.

            It so happens that a person with a very high IQ always concentrates on his academic work and how he can improve his grades. In the mind of such a campus student, success in life is dependent upon his grades. The reality of life is nonetheless very different from what the students think. Research has shown that most of the rich people in the world today were not very bright chaps during their time school. I used to think that was a concept that was far-fetched until the day I was confronted with the reality near me.

            There was this lecturer that taught us Engineering Mathematics very well and we all liked him. From a perfunctory glance at his resume on the internet one day I realized that he had scored a first class grade during his time in campus. Further research revealed shocking results; one of his classmates who had scored a pass grade in his undergraduate degree was the managing director and owner of a multinational company. I was shocked to the core but I eventually got to prove the fact that a high IQ or ‘cleverness’ in books doesn’t guarantee success in life.

Monday, 12 March 2012


I love so many things in this world, but none perhaps beats my love for listening to orators speak; I love my girlfriend and my mum very much, I love playing soccer very much too, but that can’t compare to my love for instance of listening to the speeches of Martin Luther King Junior and Abraham Lincoln, very fine speakers who used to inspire masses. The only other thing that comes close to my love of listening to orators with limited success is my love for essays, whether it is essay writing or reading well written ones. As already reiterated, nothing can change my love for orators, and that will remain so until the day I die. Most of my campus mates think I am psycho, while others think I am just outright mad, but I know deep in my heart I couldn’t be more sane. Sometime last year when I was in my second year, I did something that made me doubt my own sanity. It was a bright Friday evening when I saw an ad in a newspaper cutting that I had picked advertising for speaking auditions of sorts. I didn’t bother to read the rest of the ad; I took down the address at the end of the note and applied for the auditions. I really wanted to participate in the auditions and nothing could hinder me from doing that. The call I was waiting for eventually came after a week or so, but it was to inform me that the newspaper ad I had seen and cited was actually informing those who had auditioned already of the day they were to receive their results. I was as disappointed as anybody can ever be but at the end of the day it reaffirmed my belief that I really loved everything to do with orators. I may never be an orator in my life, but at least I will contend with the fact that I love orators and what they do.

Misdirected Respect

           It is a bare truth that campus students join campus with different grades. In alternate words, it is not easy to find all students in a department or in a given course that had the same entry grade when they joined campus. As much as it is a tiny issue-trivial if you like-it does create what I can loosely call misdirected respect. It may not be what you may be thinking now-especially if you are a fan of essay writing or reading the same essays widely for that matter-but it is my point nonetheless and it needs to be taken as such. I will patent it if it comes to that.
           The problem that arises when there are students with different grades in the same class even before university lectures commence is that the students who perhaps didn’t excel as much in high school but have been admitted to campus develop what is commonly called inferiority complex. This makes them feel inferior or weaker in a way to the other students who did exceptionally well in high school and as a result makes them over respect the so termed ‘bright students’. As much as many people may doubt this, it is true that this is something that always lingers in the minds of the self-decided weak students.
            There are so many reasons why I think such respect is misdirected, chief of which is that high school results are always determined by so many factors and they are not in themselves a measure of intellect and ‘brightness’ of students. This is because one may have gone to a good high school. Or worse still perhaps the final exams when the students were sick and they had to do them anyway. The only thing I can tell such students who revere the ‘bright students’ is that when one joins campus, the previous successes cease to be important and everybody-regardless of what happened in high school-starts on an equal footing.