Friday, 27 January 2012

Lessons Learnt in College

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            College is a great part of life; a lot of lessons are learnt. In high school it’s all another home only that instead of parents there are teachers. It’s more like a home extension, the high school kids are handled with great care and they are treated like very fragile eggs. College life is an eye opener of the life a head. Every student learns to live with other people from different backgrounds and accommodate different personalities.

            It is in college that we realize that the clock is ticking pretty fast and we need to be ready for the future. It’s here that the importance of education begins to be seen. When the reality dawns a student has no choice but attend classes punctually, write  essays, revise for their exams accordingly and slowly by slowly a student’s changes from the young teenager to a focused student who views life’s differently. College life equips students in with social skills.

            An individual also becomes responsible in their lives. If they can take care of themselves, they can also take care of other people as well. Time management is also another positive lesson learnt from college. It is through proper time management that a successful life is attained. Financial management is as well another major lesson learnt by students. They are able to work on a budget and choose priorities right. All of these lessons have great impact on a student's life in the future.

            Learning proper writing skills and reading widely equips student knowledge and opens up the mind for a better future. Essay writers who start writing at an early age make very good writers in the future. They make very good editors of magazines and newspapers as well as very good orators. These writers could be doing this for fun at first but later it is can be a very good source of income. There is a lesson to be learnt in everything an individual does.

Graduation Day

            It is a day eagerly awaited by all the students in all the colleges. After a long journey of many ups and downs the crowning day is surely a day that is really anticipated for. Dressed up in the best suites for the men and the short skirts for the ladies and the long priest like gowns students sit down at the graduation square awaiting their names to be read out and be handed with their certificates. Since day one in college the many early mornings a student has to forgo their sleep, turn volumes of books in the library, research for essays, going through academic probation, the disappointments in exams and so forth. At the end of the day there is a reason to smile. However this day is accompanied by some fear of the unknown. It is normal for every individual to have some butterflies in their stomachs when they don’t know about tomorrow.
            This day is marked by a lot of joy and jubilation for the good work done. It involves a lot of partying and having fun in the best way possible. For some it marks the end of the long boring lectures and the demanding essay writing tasks and assignments. For some it’s just a stop along the way to after which they board the bus again for a master’s program or for further studies.
            The market today is very demanding and requires people with good papers and who understand the course content. The debate on the worth of college degrees is continuing and it is clear that a college degree is just a stepping board whereby further studies are of great importance. Thanks to technology, nowadays further studies can be acquired at an individual’s comfort and pace. Therefore the graduation day which is a finishing marks the beginning of a new race.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Sense of Belonging

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            I am an avid reader of books, and so it goes without much fuss that I have across so many things or I have learnt so many things in my life courtesy of the umpteen books I have read. Ever since I was little, I have always known how important books are to the life of a person. Despite the fact that I take a very challenging course in campus-medicine-I always average a total of three books a week. That basically comes down to reading one book every two days. The ratio is considerably higher when I am home for summer holidays or when I am on internship.

            Other than reading I am also a fan of essay writing-I worked for an essay writing service before I joined campus-even though my course means that I get very little time to pursue that talent that I obviously possess. One thing that I have learnt from my love of books (and also from what the different authors that I have interacted with in the course of my life) is that a person’s family is the best thing that could ever happen to him or her and so despite a person’s schedule, one should always find time to be with his family. It means so much, even though many people never realize that.

            I like to think that my fellow campus mates are the most affected as far as this is concerned because they are just too busy to interact with members of their family. If they actually do interact, then this normally takes a very short time that there is virtually no time to have a sense of belonging or build up the feeling of camaraderie that should exist among relatives when they meet. This is not cool at all and I would advise my fellow mates to work on it.

A Reading Culture

            When I was growing up, a person that loved reading story-books and novels was often considered classy. It was the in-thing and we all looked forward to developing such a habit, if we didn’t have it already. As the days slowly ebbed away however, during which time I had personally developed a good reading culture, I painfully realized that the world doesn’t consider a reading culture as the best thing that could happen to it. As I write this today, it is factual that a kid would rather watch a movie rather than read the book equivalent. I can’t explain how it all began, (for all I care to know I don’t want to ever know how it began), but I know somehow that somewhere along the way our beautiful world lost a sense of direction.
            I have read umpteen essays from different essay writers but I have never gotten the exact reason why things turned out so. In any case, nothing anybody can ever tell me as concerns to reading can ever be enough an explanation as to why campus students don’t like reading at all. It just doesn’t add up that the people who are supposed to be the perfect example or illustration of the essence of reading don’t have a passion for books. If you were to ask me, I would freely tell you that campus students spend more time watching movies than reading.
            That is very unfortunate and I will never condone it for the rest of my life because I am one guy who is aware of the essence of reading. A reading culture is the best thing one can ever develop in his life. As much as I am not totally against watching movies, it is true that a book gives you much more than a movie can ever give you. At this juncture I would like to congratulate those who concur with me and they are avid readers too; keep it up.