Monday, 26 December 2011


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            I can’t remember where I read that one needs to keep his friends close but his enemies closer-for all I know it may have been in a random bar or poster in a minute town with nothing to write home about-but I totally agree with that. In effect, keeping your enemies closer means you don’t retaliate but behave in a manner that is likely to make them look back and regret whatever they did to you in the first place. They will think long and hard about their actions and if they are sane then they will concede that they were in the wrong. At the end of the day, a truce may be reached.

            What I am trying to put across in so many words is that I am one guy who is never fazed by the presence of enemies. Honestly speaking, I like enemies and I can do anything to add one enemy than one friend. If you didn’t know, then know now that your enemy thinks of you much more than your friend ever will. Well, I am a strange character so don’t take everything on face value but decipher it first. All I am saying is that an enemy is not an entirely bad person to have around you.

            What all essay writers or any other person interested in essays will always tell you is that enemies make you strong and more determined to prove them wrong. According to people in the writing fraternity, enemies kind of spur you on and help you give the best of the best in all you are doing. The list of enemies may include persistent critics who will never say anything good about you or what you are doing. Such people shouldn’t discourage you but motivate you to move on. I apply that in my campus life and it has worked wonders; all students that castigate or speak ill of me in anything and are in my class can never beat me in academic matters.

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