Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Essay Writing Made Easy

Writing is of utmost importance in student and academic life. It is even important to be a good writer if you want to flourish your professional career. But as for students, writing is something like bread and butter. They get to write a lot every day, lecture notes, course work, essays term papers, thesis and in the end of their academic life, they have to write good resumes. All these types of writings need professional writing skills. And to be a good writer you must polish these skills.

Having read that, you must’ve understood the importance of writing by now. Of all these types of writings that I mentioned above, essay writing is of real importance to students. It is not only because the ample amount of assignments one get during student life, but because it is a good way of expressing the inner feelings of the writer, an important skill for a good life.
 Let us have a look at how can you write a good essay. There are many types of essays: like persuasive essays and critical essays. Each type has its own style. Now let me tell you the style of essay writing. An essay consists of three parts:
  1. 1.      The introduction
  2. 2.      The body
  3. 3.      And the conclusion.

In the introduction, you write down the problem. And give a little introduction to what are you going to write about. It doesn’t, however, include any type of examples or explanations.
Then comes the body. In the body, you have to mention everything from examples to facts and explanations to support your idea or the description of your topic.  The way you organize it is that you start a paragraph with a good topic sentence. Then you start to explain the idea of the paragraph. Give an example and relate it with the idea. Then summarize the whole thing mentioned in the paragraph as the last sentence of the paragraph.
In the end, you have to conclude the whole idea. Write down a short summary as the conclusion. This gives the reader a good impression.

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