Friday, 8 July 2011

How an Essay writer saved my bacon

Let’s face it I am like many other guys of my age, a would-be Jock.  I played football at High school as a tackle, a block and sometimes a blindsider.  That means I am quite big and tough and not overly averse to some pain.  But this does not mean I am dumb, although I acted pretty dumb recently.

Nope, I got good enough grades to get into college on an academic program, but, of course, I tried out for the team and on the strength of that was invited to a Fraternity.    Well, I am sure you are aware of life in a Fraternity. Book work plays second fiddle and soon I was practicing hard for the team, partying hard in the frat house and every now and then going to a class or two.

This went on for the first few months, skipping classes here and there, not paying that much attention to the course work when I got a wakeup call.  One of my Professors called me in and warned me that I was delinquent on 2 Essays and was getting poor grades generally so I had better wake up or face suspension.

“Strike 2” was how he put it.   Well as I said I am not dumb.  I realized that hanging around the frat house was bad news, so all my time was spent in the library.  But I was too far behind.  There was no way I could avoid “Strike 3” and disaster was looming. Then I heard about the Unique Essay writing service.  These guys got me out of severe trouble.

They assigned good essay writers to my case and I was safe for the moment.  All I have to do now is catch up.  But it is nice to know that if I fall behind again there are some guys out there who can take the pressure off me by writing unique essays for me.

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