Saturday, 3 March 2012

Life is a Race

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            It is an undeniable fact that the life we live in is a race that only the well-equipped and focused in life make it as winners. A good friend of mine likes intimating to me that the race of life begins even before conception. According to him, one sperm among millions-I have never bothered to know if they are indeed millions or more because I hate zoology, botany or is it anatomy with all my heart-has to win the race to go and fertilize the ovum produced at the other end. I don’t know how you see it but as a person with a keen interest in essay writing (I write essays for fun during my part-time) I tend to agree.

            Even without his extreme example, I know for a fact that life is indeed a race and it will always be so. I graduated from campus three months ago but I can tell you for free that my campus life was full of races. The magnitude of the races may differ, but they are races nonetheless and they need to be excelled in. The main race in campus, and I am sure you will agree with me in all probability, is the academic race.

            The main reason why people go to university is to excel in their academic lives and eventually attain the careers of their choice. That means there is a race of sorts in order to be the best in class. In games and sports there is a lot of competition too, and nobody knows that better than campus students who organize a lot of inter-class and inter-faculty games amongst themselves. My campus life was full of races, but if there is one thing that this life taught me is that I should never expect things on a silver platter. That attitude has helped me greatly and I must admit that my life outside campus has been enriching as a result.

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