Wednesday, 21 March 2012


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            There are so many words and phrases that have been used to describe people; arrogant, ignorant, egocentric, proud, you name it. A lot of us will call this a personality or a character, but I strongly believe it all come in a name of an attitude that develops from personal feelings and perception. Attitude has been believed to be a very essential and crucial trait to have. A negative assertiveness brings forth nothing but misfortunes and disconnections amongst the people. I don’t believe in communism but, never has and never will. I have confidence in doing my stuff individually; struggle alone and enjoy the success alone.

            As an essay writer, however, I have learnt that it’s important to strip down the ego and the perception of life because I have realized that compromise is the best thing to possess. This includes accepting oneself for who you are, your weaknesses, and appreciate others for their strengths and mutually embrace each other. Essay writing involves diversity and it goes without saying that you need one another to make a difference. The only place where you find vast diversity is in the universities. How many of you agree with the statement, ‘monotony results to boredom’? The target readers need a variety of topics to read from. The writer as well will acquire popularity according to their diversity in their topics.

            Students on the same consideration need each other in their studies. I am in a group of six in the class of civil engineering. We come from different regions and cultures and again we were all the best students in the respective high schools. It’s ok if everyone chose to be on their own and do personal studies, but we have kept our history away and pooled our efforts together. I must say with the compromises we have made, we really can talk much about it.

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