Monday, 19 March 2012

It’s A New Semester

            It’s back to school time, and we are full of anxiety of how the new semester will turn out to be. Your mind cannot just forget how the holidays were and all the fun we had with friends and relatives. This change of the mind set from the relaxation and the social life to academics that is all the assignments, essay writing, report writing, the early morning classes, to moving into new apartments and dormitories can be a whole lot of issues and keeping it on track and the brain in gear five from day one to closing day require a lot of proper planning and strategy.
            Every student needs to settle down as soon as possible. Settle into the new dormitories and apartments first so that you have your space and feel like it’s your new home. You definitely have to start from somewhere to sort out the chaos. Unpacking is really overwhelming and there is lots of fun it. Decorate your room until you have a bond with it, to say the least it’s your new home far from home and you have no choice but to appreciate it.
            After settling down, it is only wise to go and socialize than sit down and give room for homesick to wear you down. Campuses have activities early in the semester to bring the students mind back to college. There are extracurricular activities, campus parties, drinking with friends, house parties and a lot more events where people meet up and make new friends. This is the time to have lots of fun before serious studying jets in and there will be limited time to engage in all one would wish to.
            After the dust has settles down, it’s now time to be serious. The college norm of classes, assignments, essay writing, continuous assessments, quizzes and all there is in academics begins and the main reason of being in schools comes out clearly.

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