Monday, 12 March 2012

Misdirected Respect

           It is a bare truth that campus students join campus with different grades. In alternate words, it is not easy to find all students in a department or in a given course that had the same entry grade when they joined campus. As much as it is a tiny issue-trivial if you like-it does create what I can loosely call misdirected respect. It may not be what you may be thinking now-especially if you are a fan of essay writing or reading the same essays widely for that matter-but it is my point nonetheless and it needs to be taken as such. I will patent it if it comes to that.
           The problem that arises when there are students with different grades in the same class even before university lectures commence is that the students who perhaps didn’t excel as much in high school but have been admitted to campus develop what is commonly called inferiority complex. This makes them feel inferior or weaker in a way to the other students who did exceptionally well in high school and as a result makes them over respect the so termed ‘bright students’. As much as many people may doubt this, it is true that this is something that always lingers in the minds of the self-decided weak students.
            There are so many reasons why I think such respect is misdirected, chief of which is that high school results are always determined by so many factors and they are not in themselves a measure of intellect and ‘brightness’ of students. This is because one may have gone to a good high school. Or worse still perhaps the final exams when the students were sick and they had to do them anyway. The only thing I can tell such students who revere the ‘bright students’ is that when one joins campus, the previous successes cease to be important and everybody-regardless of what happened in high school-starts on an equal footing.  

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