Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Crush

            I am the most eccentric character the world over, and I really mean that. This is because I really believe in the words of the Prince of Morocco in the book Merchant of Venice by the great William Shakespeare when he says he doesn’t jump with common spirits. I have always believed that when the entire world is going towards the East in unison I will comfortably walk towards the West and not a feel a thing about it. That shouldn’t be interpreted to mean I am a robber or a law breaker for that matter but rather that I make independent even if not always popular decisions, not to mention that I also hold unorthodox stands.
            One of the things I really believe in-or believed in until a couple of weeks ago-is that I could never be smitten by a lady in whatever circumstances. I love essay writing and so you may be tempted to think that this is one of my zillion essays but I would like to guarantee that this is actually me talking about myself. Three or so weeks ago my department organized a one week field trip to the companies in the next town from where my campus is situated.
            I wasn’t enthusiastic about the trip as such but at the end of the week I literally went to the administrators to request if the time could be extended even by a couple of hours if not days. Such was the influence of a lady I met over there. Alexis (pronounced E-lexis) is a lady that you can easily say is as common as all the other ladies if you gaze at her by passing. I had in effect met her so many times before but I had never known any other side of her except that she had a smile that could light a room, not to mention a well-arranged set of milk white teeth. To cut the long story short, she turned out to be the sweetest person I have met in my life. I can’t believe it.

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