Monday, 12 March 2012


I love so many things in this world, but none perhaps beats my love for listening to orators speak; I love my girlfriend and my mum very much, I love playing soccer very much too, but that can’t compare to my love for instance of listening to the speeches of Martin Luther King Junior and Abraham Lincoln, very fine speakers who used to inspire masses. The only other thing that comes close to my love of listening to orators with limited success is my love for essays, whether it is essay writing or reading well written ones. As already reiterated, nothing can change my love for orators, and that will remain so until the day I die. Most of my campus mates think I am psycho, while others think I am just outright mad, but I know deep in my heart I couldn’t be more sane. Sometime last year when I was in my second year, I did something that made me doubt my own sanity. It was a bright Friday evening when I saw an ad in a newspaper cutting that I had picked advertising for speaking auditions of sorts. I didn’t bother to read the rest of the ad; I took down the address at the end of the note and applied for the auditions. I really wanted to participate in the auditions and nothing could hinder me from doing that. The call I was waiting for eventually came after a week or so, but it was to inform me that the newspaper ad I had seen and cited was actually informing those who had auditioned already of the day they were to receive their results. I was as disappointed as anybody can ever be but at the end of the day it reaffirmed my belief that I really loved everything to do with orators. I may never be an orator in my life, but at least I will contend with the fact that I love orators and what they do.

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