Monday, 19 March 2012

IQ Tests

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            I remember when I joined campus my buddies were very keen on taking their intelligence quotient tests, commonly called IQ tests. I don’t know what pleasure they derived in that, but I think it was more prestigious to be considered more intelligent than the rest of the lot. As time has ebbed away though and I have the luxury of having campus experience, I have realized that the results of the IQ tests matter very little when it comes to success in life. One-most likely students who work in essay writing firms as writers or editors of essays-may call me the joke of the joker, the pun of the punster for saying this but I am cock sure of it.

            It so happens that a person with a very high IQ always concentrates on his academic work and how he can improve his grades. In the mind of such a campus student, success in life is dependent upon his grades. The reality of life is nonetheless very different from what the students think. Research has shown that most of the rich people in the world today were not very bright chaps during their time school. I used to think that was a concept that was far-fetched until the day I was confronted with the reality near me.

            There was this lecturer that taught us Engineering Mathematics very well and we all liked him. From a perfunctory glance at his resume on the internet one day I realized that he had scored a first class grade during his time in campus. Further research revealed shocking results; one of his classmates who had scored a pass grade in his undergraduate degree was the managing director and owner of a multinational company. I was shocked to the core but I eventually got to prove the fact that a high IQ or ‘cleverness’ in books doesn’t guarantee success in life.

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