Wednesday, 21 March 2012


            We all adore our friends, appreciate them and treasure them too. Friends are amazing, they make life worthwhile. They offer a shoulder to lean on; they wipe our tears and comfort us when we are down. Friends help each other in everything, including achieving their goals and dreams in life. They form good essay writing group members, write the best essays, challenge each other academically and we would name it till morning. I like thinking of the other side of the coin especially after seeing it happen in colleges. Betrayal among friends is not a new thing in society; it has been there before our grandparents’ times. We all have to accept it happens after sunrise and after sunset. It is painful to be betrayed by your close friend. Your friend turns out to be your enemy.  They are supposed to be family and now they turn out to be snakes in the closet.
            It is very disappointing and at first one wonders what to do. The questions, do I hate her, revenge, call her all sorts of names or anything keep crossing your mind. These are the person you hugged and appreciated through a text message or sent them a box of chocolate yesterday and here they are turning their backs on you.
            How do you handle this situation? The first step is to relax and allow things to cool down .Avoid acting on impulse and make things worse. Then approach them like a gentle lady and enquire why they did whatever they did and don’t be tempted to exchange bad words and petty fights. The world will not know who the fool is at that point. We are all human and we must be at loggerheads once in a while .Weigh it out and avoid being biased and make sound judgment.

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