Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Job Hunt

            I have so many hobbies in life, ranging from essay writing-though my essays are basically for personal reading, playing football, making friends and swimming. What I like most of the four is making friends. That shouldn’t be interpreted to mean I make every Tom, Dick and Harry my friend but rather that I cherish friends. I love friends very much, because I know friends can take you where money can’t. I recently graduated from campus and to my advantage got a well-paying job shortly after graduation. What aided me to get a job that fast was the friendship I had with people during my time in campus.
            Whenever people tell me of their job hunt stories and how laborious it is to land a job I always smile inwardly because I take that with a pinch of salt. As somebody else would put it, I take a dim view of people who take long without landing a job. The secret to getting a job-and I wish all campus students knew this-is forging the right friendships while in campus. One could befriend the older students in his faculty or discipline of study or better still choose to make friends with his or her lecturers.
            This is not in any way a guarantee of a job but rather a means to ensuring you don’t stay long without a job. The main friendships that campus students should never forget to have is that of the people in the corporate world, more so of those in their line of study. Such friendships are made during internships or through forums that relate to the careers the students could be pursuing. There are so many ways students can ensure their job hunt isn’t as tasking as it always is but making friends in the right places certainly ranks high among the ways.

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