Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Path to Success

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Everyone thinks that success is passing exams, getting straight As or even becoming the top in the class. Success is that feeling of satisfaction or joy when you sit back, look at the results of your work, admire it and say, wow! This is great. It is all about doing an excellent work, doing your best. They say work to excel and success will chase you pants down. The path that leads to success in right here with us, only we don’t realize. It is only taking in what one want in this life and going for it with all your body and soul. This means you work tirelessly to overcome the challenges that come your way, including discouragement from those around you. One should only be concerned about fulfilling the heart’s desire.

Life is fair or unfair equally to all beings; clergy men, business people, politicians, students and their professors, the only different being time or the phase of life they are in. You don’t have to be a chief executive officer of a company to believe you are successful, you don’t have to be a celebrity either, and you only need to be enthusiastic and an opportunist. Have you ever watched a flock of sheep match to the fields and in a line?

If you put a cross bar (one that you can actually jump across) in front of the first sheep in the line if the first five jump it then you remove the bar, all the others will still be jumping as if the bar is still intact. That the spirit of failure, doing things foolishly. If for example you read an essay an organized writer not necessarily someone who has been in essay writing for long, you will notice the difference from if you read them from a disorganized writer. An essay, for example will be used to depict what kind of a writer one is and so is any other work. Success is all about being organized.

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