Thursday, 2 February 2012

College Degree

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           At a young age every young child is advised to study hard and make it to the university. All through the kindergarten to junior school then to high school the same music is sang to our ears. Even the most prominent people and professors all started with a college degree and then furthered their studies to be who they are. Society has learnt the importance of educated people in the society because they act as agents of change to the society. It is through a lot of hard work that a college degree is obtained. Early mornings, dedication to books, sacrifice, a lot of laboratory work, pages of reports, essays, frequent exams and assessments, other college challenges especially financial where students sacrifice their own time to offer writing services and so much more are what it entails to be called a graduate.

            A college degree is of great benefits to an individual, academically in that they are in better position in the academics, personally, socially, financially, intellectually etc. A degree holder is always marketable compared to a certificate holder therefore they are accepted in the market pretty fast. Opportunities for the graduates are many since most employers will always go for people with good papers. It is out of the demand in the market that they secure themselves good job and consequently a good reward of their hard through good salaries. They therefore lead an admirable life. They also have an upper hand whenever they want to further their studies. A college degree gives an individual some sense of pride and a lot of self confidence

            Therefore, hard work eventually pays and enables individuals to live their admired lives. We are different and sometimes it takes some people more time to pursue their dreams but with dedication and persistence it is achievable.

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