Wednesday, 8 February 2012


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             We all know that when we really want to be serious with what really concerns us there always distractions that always come up to derail us. It is at this point that discipline matters and one has to stick to their goals despite the type of distractions that come on the way. In colleges there are all types of distractions one could ever imagine of. Every student in the world will bear me witness that, the last week to exams when there is plenty and plenty of stuff to do there always comes up thing to derail an individual from their original plan of reading all the course content covered that semester and writing the best essays ever written by any student.

            The common type of distraction that students come across and should avoid them by all means include over preparing for the exams as we all know that too much of anything is poisonous therefore enough revision is good to go. Useless group work sessions that only waste time in the name of discussing challenging academics and brainstorming on good essay writing tips. Social media site that is face book, twitter and you tube have as well become top on the list of distracters. Some students are addicts of the sites barely log out form the site despite the exams beckoning. Movies are another catch for most students as well as partying and drinking, a thing most students turn to when they are nervous and they really need to cool their nerves. Girls and chit has proved to be inseparable for ages now, it really costs them time and sometimes the friendship itself. For sure distractions are many and of different types, but we all have control over everything in our lives and the answer lies in our arms.

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