Wednesday, 22 February 2012

I Call it Over loving

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            When I was younger I couldn’t believe somebody could be accused of over-loving something or somebody but I now know better. It is true that the greatest gift somebody can ever give you in this world is love. If somebody loves you genuinely and he can do anything for you then that should mean more to you than any gift the person can ever give you. I knew that when I joined campus three years ago. I had a friend called Paul-he was a very good essay writer-who had a very pretty girlfriend who also happened to be good in writing essays.

            I had seen many couples in love, (beginning from my parents of course) but this was a new ball game altogether. Paul and his girlfriend were madly in love and everybody in campus knew they were destined to be. Anybody interested in going out with any member of the hallowed couple always padded his or her hooves once he saw how much pain he would cause to the happiest couple in the world as they were roundly called. Everybody saw the couple as the epitome and quintessence of what a couple in love should be like. When they left campus at the end of their academic lives, everyone was disappointed.

            The next couple to be labeled the couple of the campus turned to be a perfect example of what over loving is all about. The lady loved the dude very much but the guy was not into her. In other words, the lady was in love alone. If you didn’t know then know today that there is no worse feeling in the world than knowing that all along you have been in love alone. When the lady realized that she had been over loving the dude and he had been going along with her while offering nothing of note in return, she was very disappointed and decided to end her life. Over loving somebody is risky.

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