Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Over Confidence

            Confidence is a good virtue but the moment as student is overconfident, things start crumbling. They say too much of anything is poisonous. Too much of drinking,  over preparing for exams, too many friends, too much sleeping, basically overdoing doing everything is just clearly poisonous. Sometimes a student clearly knows he has not prepared for an exam for a reason or two and instead of perusing the book for the little tie they have they just walk into an exam room feeling like they have all the answers only to get there and start looking at their friends hoping answers were written on their faces.
            Students do not only express overconfidence in their exams alone  but also their daily class lessons, whereby a student feels like they know it all, for example about a certain assignment on an essay. Instead of researching and seeking help from the essay writing service offers they go ahead and write a lot of nonsense. By the time their results are out they get shocked and get to wonder what really happened.
Success does not just come from nowhere; it is earned with a lot of hard work and determination. An empty brain however confident it could be always empties nothing. Other students read too much than it is required and by the time they sit for an exam they end up giving details that were not even required after all or even writing vague material and as much as they had a point a lecturer gets tired of searching for it. Therefore students should avoid this vice of overconfidence because at the end of the day it costs them dearly by attaining poor grades, getting very disappointed upon the release of their results which may also lower their self esteem. Therefore working hard and facing it with courage is important.

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