Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Make Your Priorities Right

Before I joined campus I was a hardworking essay writer. I used to submit essays to an online company that would pay me well per article. They also used to give me bonuses periodically. When I joined campus I was determined to enhance my skills and become a well known writer in the university. My wish was to revive the school magazine which for some years had faded out. One day I met one guy in the library, in the writers section, looking at the old school magazines and journals. He exclaimed, ‘I feel that it’s not right that this magazine no longer prints, if I got support I would do something about the situation!’ For a moment, I was quiet then I answered him that it was a good idea to revive the school gazette. Then I told him am a writer and I would love to reinstate it together if he didn’t mind.
His father was a multi-millionaire, the proprietor of the leading magazine in the state. And he said that his father would be very much willing to assist until the magazine starts selling and become partners. Somehow I forgot about my core business in the university and concentrated on the magazine business. The magazine picked and by the second year of study it was up and selling. Unfortunately I got rusticated because of consistent fails in my exams although everyone congratulated us for the good work. My partner in the magazine also met the same fate of rustication.
He had promised me that despite the misfortune, his father would most certainly secure a job vacancy in his thriving firm. He assured me that there was nothing to worry about. When we left college, he told me that immediately he talked to his father he would give me a call. I knew that my dream of becoming a famous essay writer was over after waiting for a whole two months for a single call of good news. His number was also disconnected. I am ever since trying to get myself back to college.

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