Friday, 27 January 2012

Lessons Learnt in College

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            College is a great part of life; a lot of lessons are learnt. In high school it’s all another home only that instead of parents there are teachers. It’s more like a home extension, the high school kids are handled with great care and they are treated like very fragile eggs. College life is an eye opener of the life a head. Every student learns to live with other people from different backgrounds and accommodate different personalities.

            It is in college that we realize that the clock is ticking pretty fast and we need to be ready for the future. It’s here that the importance of education begins to be seen. When the reality dawns a student has no choice but attend classes punctually, write  essays, revise for their exams accordingly and slowly by slowly a student’s changes from the young teenager to a focused student who views life’s differently. College life equips students in with social skills.

            An individual also becomes responsible in their lives. If they can take care of themselves, they can also take care of other people as well. Time management is also another positive lesson learnt from college. It is through proper time management that a successful life is attained. Financial management is as well another major lesson learnt by students. They are able to work on a budget and choose priorities right. All of these lessons have great impact on a student's life in the future.

            Learning proper writing skills and reading widely equips student knowledge and opens up the mind for a better future. Essay writers who start writing at an early age make very good writers in the future. They make very good editors of magazines and newspapers as well as very good orators. These writers could be doing this for fun at first but later it is can be a very good source of income. There is a lesson to be learnt in everything an individual does.

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