Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Reading Culture

            When I was growing up, a person that loved reading story-books and novels was often considered classy. It was the in-thing and we all looked forward to developing such a habit, if we didn’t have it already. As the days slowly ebbed away however, during which time I had personally developed a good reading culture, I painfully realized that the world doesn’t consider a reading culture as the best thing that could happen to it. As I write this today, it is factual that a kid would rather watch a movie rather than read the book equivalent. I can’t explain how it all began, (for all I care to know I don’t want to ever know how it began), but I know somehow that somewhere along the way our beautiful world lost a sense of direction.
            I have read umpteen essays from different essay writers but I have never gotten the exact reason why things turned out so. In any case, nothing anybody can ever tell me as concerns to reading can ever be enough an explanation as to why campus students don’t like reading at all. It just doesn’t add up that the people who are supposed to be the perfect example or illustration of the essence of reading don’t have a passion for books. If you were to ask me, I would freely tell you that campus students spend more time watching movies than reading.
            That is very unfortunate and I will never condone it for the rest of my life because I am one guy who is aware of the essence of reading. A reading culture is the best thing one can ever develop in his life. As much as I am not totally against watching movies, it is true that a book gives you much more than a movie can ever give you. At this juncture I would like to congratulate those who concur with me and they are avid readers too; keep it up.

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