Friday, 27 January 2012

Graduation Day

            It is a day eagerly awaited by all the students in all the colleges. After a long journey of many ups and downs the crowning day is surely a day that is really anticipated for. Dressed up in the best suites for the men and the short skirts for the ladies and the long priest like gowns students sit down at the graduation square awaiting their names to be read out and be handed with their certificates. Since day one in college the many early mornings a student has to forgo their sleep, turn volumes of books in the library, research for essays, going through academic probation, the disappointments in exams and so forth. At the end of the day there is a reason to smile. However this day is accompanied by some fear of the unknown. It is normal for every individual to have some butterflies in their stomachs when they don’t know about tomorrow.
            This day is marked by a lot of joy and jubilation for the good work done. It involves a lot of partying and having fun in the best way possible. For some it marks the end of the long boring lectures and the demanding essay writing tasks and assignments. For some it’s just a stop along the way to after which they board the bus again for a master’s program or for further studies.
            The market today is very demanding and requires people with good papers and who understand the course content. The debate on the worth of college degrees is continuing and it is clear that a college degree is just a stepping board whereby further studies are of great importance. Thanks to technology, nowadays further studies can be acquired at an individual’s comfort and pace. Therefore the graduation day which is a finishing marks the beginning of a new race.

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