Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Tips to Improving Your Writing

Individuals have to write important documents in the course of their lives. These include application letters for job positions or entry applications into universities. The recruiters are usually impressed by cover letters and resumes that catch their attention in a positive way. This is because of the writing skills that have been showcased on the applications by the potential job candidates. Students on the other hand, have to undertake a lot of writing activities while they are in campus. This involves working on their custom essays, research papers, academic papers, and others. This means that they have to be quite talented in their writing skills in order to achieve grades that are above average. The students also have to ensure that they have researched on the various writing standards that universities use for their assignments. Individuals also have the pressure of ensuring that they are well versed in grammar, pronunciation, and other factors that come into play when they are writing. Readers usually feel disturbed when they see numerous spelling and grammar mistakes. They are usually left wondering what happened to the individuals in the course of their academic pursuance.
Individuals actually tend to lose out on a lot of opportunities due to poor writing habits. A lot of points can be lost due to these mistakes which are usually taken for granted. The ideas and topics behind students’ academic papers may be extra ordinary, but the writing mistakes may easily put off the lecturers from awarding them good or excellent marks. Love letters from potential lovers and spouses can also put off the relevant recipients due to the poor writing skills portrayed in the letters. This might lead to the loss of a relationship that could have led to great things such as families if they were nurtured. The film Notebook garnered success because of the writing skills that were portrayed in the letters that the man wrote to his wife while at war.
There are various ways which individuals can improve their writing skills. They can introduce their topic of discussion within the first few sentences of the first paragraph. This prevents their readers from guessing what the topic is all about. The writers can also strategically set the keywords in sentences which will attract the readers’ attention. They should also use English verbs, nouns, adjectives and others appropriately in their documents. The writers should also ensure that they avoid using unnecessary words and data in a quest to lengthen their documents.

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