Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Advance Your Online Education

Getting a college degree is an opportunity and benefit that almost every individual looks for. The universities have recognized the benefits of social media and other internet tools to introduce distance learning. They can have some of their students living overseas, accessing similar programs to the residential campus students. They view this as a way to earn extra money for the institution without having to employ extra labor force in the form of lecturers. The distant learning program has caught up in many countries with the emergence of the dot-com era. The students on the other hand tend to choose online education for various reasons. There are students who have lived in their hometown since they were born. They have become closely attached to their friends and family. The thought of living away from the comfort zone they are used to, makes them feel anxious as well as depressed.
There are other students who have been home schooled by their parents since they were in grade school. This leads them to become accustomed to a certain way of life that involves minimal interaction with their fellow peers. They become overly attached and co-dependent on their parents. The thought of leaving home and going off to college makes them anxious. They might even develop panic attacks from the thought of going off into the unknown environment of campus life. Another reason is that some individuals suffer from certain disabilities that they are embarrassed about. They fear being teased or receiving sympathy from their fellow peers. They may have been comfortable attending special schools catered to their needs, but they know that there are very few colleges that are set up for special needs individuals. This leads them to choose online education as a safe way of attending to their academic needs without having to face the extra social challenges that come with their disabilities.
 The reality is that even though the online education deal looks exciting because of its flexibility, the students have to ensure that they also discipline themselves based on time and motivation. There are also other individuals who have made the decision to undertake their postgraduate degrees. They may have postponed registering for them because of their workplace and family obligations. The aspect of online education is exciting for them because they can now juggle their personal, and workplace obligations together with their academics. Before you get ahead of yourself with online education, you should ensure that it’s something that you’re ready for.


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