Thursday, 11 July 2013

How to Teach Essay Writing

Writing essay can be easy and fun but it could also present a challenge especially if you are not well versed with English language. Paying attention to the rules of grammar is one step towards becoming an effective essay teacher. Some of the helpful methods of teaching essay writing skills include starting off your students at sentence creation level. Show your students on how to write simple, compound and complex sentences. They will be in a position to write more detailed and lengthy work such as essays and term papers. A good essay writing teacher also uses equivalencies.

Equivalences encompass all the sentence types, conjunctions, prepositions and conjunctive adverbs. Teach them on how to link the language they are using. It gives birth to good sequencing. Once they are good with linking language, you progress to the board. On the board you show them an essay extract with an introduction, body and conclusion but remember to use a few equivalences, sentence types and how to pull of linking language. If you have time, you can handle students on a personal level. Students have different understanding capacities. Use a simple essay writing work plan that involves all the aforementioned methods. 

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